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‘Beauty Circus’ is a thrilling historical revenge story surrounding the circus industry of modern Bengal. The mystery of circus girl beauty is a story of struggle and survival.

The much awaited and talked about film ‘Beauty Circus’ produced by Mahmud Didar and produced by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh government funded Impress Telefilm will release on 23rd September 2022.

Beauty circus Bangla movie 2022 plot

This story is not only mine, if this story was just a story or a fairy tale that I heard in my childhood, how much fun it would be .

After almost six years of struggle, ‘Beauty Circus’ is finally going to see the light of day on September 23!

The trailer of the movie was released some time ago. After watching the trailer, one thing is clear that the talk people have about this film will not fail.

‘Beauty Circus’ is based on the story of a woman’s survival based on the circus. A woman is threatened after burning down the circus. But he survives in his own strength.

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Jaya Ahsan
Shatabdi Wadud
Tauqeer Ahmed
Humayun Sadhu
Gazi Rakayet and ABM Suman

Jaya Ahsan played the lead role in the film. Apart from this, Ferdous, Tauqeer Ahmed, ABM Sumon, Humayun Sadhu etc. acted in various roles.

বিউটি সার্কাস বাংলা মুভি ২০২২

The 2 minute and 8 second trailer features Jaya Ahsan, Shatabdi Wadud, Tauqeer Ahmed, Humayun Sadhu, Gazi Rakayet and ABM Suman for Saber Khanik, but they all showed excellent skills in their respective roles.

I especially liked everyone’s dialogues. Color grading, BGM, camera work are all amazing. Especially the artist’s makeup is amazing. Since the film revolves around a circus troupe, the make-up was very appropriate and it was.

For this make-up, I hope that the makers will be able to portray each character very fluently in the audience.  Personally I like the trailer very well. Hope the movie will be good too.

বিউটি সার্কাস মুভির ডাউনলোড লিংক

The much awaited film ‘Beauty Circus’. Mahmud Didar became a favorite director long ago when he used to make amazing dramas.

It was believed that he would give something different in the film as well. A touch of that difference was seen in the ‘Beauty Circus’ trailer.

I will see my favorite actress Jaya Ahsan on the big screen after a long time. The trailer is very impressive. His acting is amazing. Talking about the circus getup, Jaya is perfect.

The diversity of her character is also evident in the background voice. ABM Suman’s shaggy hair look is interesting and will be a completely different act in his career so far. The character of Ferdous is kept a bit of a mystery.

Humayun Sadhu’s commentary has touched the heart. The presence of caste actors like Shatabdi Wadud, Gazi Rakayet will undoubtedly spice up the acting space of the film.

Beauty circus Bangla movie download

The trailer of ‘Beauty Circus’ has given a message about the survival of the circus industry or as a major means of mass entertainment. Going to get an artistic picture.

And this movie will be released on cinema hall. Please, go to cinema hall to watch beauty circus Bangla movie. We will update this page when the movie become available to share for download without violating copyright. Currently waiting for 23rd.

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