CU admission test 2022 guideline

CU admission test 2022 guideline . Those who dream of Chittagong University; how to prepare for Chittagong university admission test 2022.

CU admission test Bangla preparation 2022

The books, sheets, notes that you have read on your own or under the guidance of the coaching center are sufficient. For those who have not done coaching, read the suggestion section of CU Guideline book carefully at this last time. No need to read anything new.

®Bengali gets 35 marks in B Unit. About +-17-18 of these texts come from prose and verse books and are not so critical. And for grammar part, grammar board book with previous year questions is enough.

About 7-8 text books in this unit are likely to come from familiarity with authors. Besides, almost every year about 4-6 questions are related to liberation war which is better to study from general knowledge section.

This year’s D Unit is a little different. But the question structure may not change much. However, special emphasis should be placed on samas, karaka, prakrti-pratya, prefix, punctuation, epithet-writing, punctuation.

Apart from that, the rest of the preparation is traditional. And yes, you must read about the recent writers of Bangladesh.

Remember Chabir’s D unit but questions come from IQ, so if you want to do well in IQ, you need a good book.

But in this last time there is no need to read any new IQ book, if you read the IQ part from the guide book well, I hope you will get all common.

Bengali is not very difficult in CU. If you can read past 10-12 years questions with explanation then you can get common 4-6 questions easily.

#CU_guideline book is enough for previous year question bank also because last 10 years questions with explanation are added here.

The Bengali section of CU often asks questions about folk music, various pala-parvans, cultural heritage, so let’s have a look at them.

CU admission exam General Knowledge preparation 2023

The books, sheets, notes that you have read on your own or under the guidance of the coaching center are sufficient. Nothing new will fall. For those who do not coach but want to prepare at home, cu Guidebook will be good.

However, among the things you have read, I am giving some guidance about some very important topics and facts in the light of Chittagong University past year questions.

General knowledge in B Unit is of fairly easy level. However, from the British rule to the liberation war, there are about 10-12 questions.

In this case, it is good to say that the section related to the Liberation War in Bengal will be equally useful in the general knowledge section.

Although not very recent, this year’s scenario is a little different. So keep an eye on the hot issues.  It is better to have a detailed understanding of various organizations.

For this you can read the #CU_Guideline book. #CU_guideline book has given in detail which topics should be focused more.

CU admission English preparation 2022

One thing is always said about admission to any university: ‘A pass in English is a sure chance.’ This is perhaps more true in the case of Chittagong University.

My personal opinion is that this university’s English questions are a bit tougher than others. Here again lies the twist.

Hopefully, you have already started all the preparations for English. Read from the book you read from.

Now let’s not discuss some facts for English in CU. Read the text carefully.

Cliffs TOEFL is termed as the Bible for Chittagong University Admission Test. There are many reasons behind this.

In my personal question analysis, I have seen that +-24/25 (Out of 35) from Cliffs TOEFL in B Unit every year, of which 15/16 are absolutely common and the rest are according to the rules here.

Every year in BBA Faculty +-12/15 from Cliffs TOEFL (Out of 30) out of which about 8/9 are common and the rest are according to the rules here.

Apart from this, another interesting thing to note from this book in all other faculties is that sometimes the Passage part in the questions of B Unit, BBA Faculty and Ex Law Faculty comes exactly from Cliffs, i.e. the whole installment or structure in 10 questions.

If you can solve 25×8 = 200 questions of 8 model test of Barron’s TOEFL then you can get 2/3 common.

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