Eksheba gov bd scholarship Result  2022 একসেবা  অনুদান ফলাফল

Eksheba gov bd scholarship Result  2021 একসেবা  অনুদান ফলাফল

Eksheba gov bd scholarship Result  2021.In order to build a digital Bangladesh, the government has taken a plan to digitize all these government services to make them more accessible to the common man. There are various government services for which you have to stand in line and take services. This initiative has been taken to make all these services easily available to the people.

All these government services can be found through a website Eksheba gov bd . No need to access separate websites for different services. Through this website Eksheba gov bd, the general public will be able to avail various government services as well as various government grants.

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New initiatives are being taken to make these government services more accessible to the people.

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Eksheba  Services:

You can pay electricity bill, gas bill, water bill or telephone bill through one website. With the help of one service website you can easily pay all types of bills very easily.

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One of the benefits that the general public will get through the EkSeba gov bd website is that they will be able to apply for government financial assistance online through this Eksheba gov bd  website. In the meantime, a few days ago, the government announced to provide financial grants for ordinary students in Bangladesh. All Masters students from 6th class onwards will be considered eligible to apply.

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The interest shown by the people for the said financial grant for which the authorities were not ready at all. Many times more intoxicated people apply for the grant than the donor authorities think. As a result, the service website went down a few times. Authorities were forced to extend the application deadline due to so much public interest and the website going down.

Eksheba gov bd scholarship Result

Those who have applied for a service grant are requested to wait for the results of the grant. The results of the grant are expected to be released next July.

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Eksheba gov bd scholarship 2021 – Documents required to apply

For an eksheba financial grant and how to properly apply for an eksheba financial grant and see the results Eligibility Criteria for Application:

All students studying from 6th class to undergraduate class can apply for one service grant. Moreover, teachers of educational institutions can apply.

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The application deadline was March 15, 2021

Documents required to apply for a service grant:

1. To apply, students have to submit a certificate signed by the head of the educational institution from which they are studying.

2. At the time of application, the applicant should give the number of National Identity Card or Birth Registration Certificate.

3. The applicant must give the father’s national identity card and mother’s national identity card number.

4. The applicant must provide an active email ID when applying.

5. The applicant eksheba gov bd scholarship  must give an active mobile number at the time of application. The mobile number must be active and the number must have a city account. After receiving the service grant, the grant money will be sent to that number. So when giving the mobile number, make sure that you have a cash account open in your mobile number. If it is not open, you must open it. You can open a cash account in one minute through * 167# number.

Rules for applying for a Eksheba  scholarship

How to apply for Eksheba gov bd scholarship  is discussed step by step below

1. To apply for Eksheba gov bd scholarship you must first enter the link below First enter this link (

2. After entering the link, click to enter the registration option that has the option called registration.

3. Complete the application with the mobile number of the applicant and the full name of the applicant.

4. Enter the next step with National Identity Card number or birth registration number and date of birth of the applicant.

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5. Enter the financial grant option for students at number 36 on the list

6. The next step is to complete the application by uploading all the information and the applicant’s certificate confirming that all the information of the applicant is correct.

Eksheba scholarship result সরকারি উপবৃত্তির ফলাফল

একসেবা উপবৃত্তি সরকারি অনুদানের   official website

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সম্পর্কিত সার্চগুলি : একসেবা শিক্ষা উপবৃত্তি Eksheba উপবৃত্তি Eksheba gov bd apply My Government  My gov bd  আমার সরকার  Mygov bd একসেবা সরকারি উপবৃত্তির ফলাফল   

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