Eporcha gov bd khatian application

What is E-porcha

What is an e-porcha? E-porcha is an online platform where a person can easily download land deeds and verify ownership. You can easily verify your land e-ledger through e-parcha service i.e. login e-parcha. This is a digital service by the Ministry of Land that can be used anytime from anywhere.

Recently the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh has launched e-Parcha ( website. Land related services can be availed using this web portal. There is no need for any kind of broker or intermediary to get land service with internet connection on computer or smartphone. You can view any ledger including CS, SA, RS or apply for certified copy on this website. You can get an instant online copy of any ledger from  for a small fee.

Usually those who will buy the land can now easily check the ledger of the purchased land online. To do this, open any browser on mobile or PC and type When the e-leaflet site opens, click the Citizen Corner button from the navigation menu. A form like below will appear.

Here select the division, district, type of khatian (CS, SA, RS etc.), upazila, mouza. Enter the ledger number and captcha code in the ledger number cell. Enter the captcha number next to the cell and click the Search button. If the information provided by you is correct then the name of the land owner will show below. You can get an online copy of the ledger or a certified copy by clicking the application button.

How to get online copy of ledger

With the online copy of Khatian you can complete the practical work including land ownership verification. However, a certified copy of the ledger is required to file a lawsuit. You no longer have to go to the district record room to get online or certified copy of the ledger. There is no fear of harassment or financial loss in any kind of broker cycle. Now you can take the land ledger with your smartphone without any help. Visit as per the above rules.

E-porcha benefits

You can easily find out the ownership of the land by visiting the e-porcha. If you have a land ledger number or dag number, you can verify the ownership of the land by searching with it. There is also another advantage of e-leaflet website which is that you can use the land owner’s name or the owner’s father’s name to find out all the records of the owner.

eporcha gov bd khatian

A unique number is assigned to the khatian to identify each khatian individually. As a result, the ledger can be easily identified with the ledger number. Generally, all the lands owned by an owner within a mouza are collected and included in the same ledger. The ledger number is mainly used to easily identify the owner of the land.

Types of Khatian

How many types of ledgers or leaflets? There are usually four types of ledgers in our country. We mention it here for your convenience. Those who are experienced in land issues are certainly aware of it.

  •  CS Khatian. (Cadastral Survey)
  • SA Khatian. (State Acquisition Survey)
  • RS ledger. (Revisional Survey)
  • BS ledger

Ways to find out the ownership of the land

You can easily find out the ownership of the land by using the e-leaflet website. There is a facility to search with land owner’s name or owner’s father’s name or khatian number or land dag number. If you search by giving the name of the owner or the name of the owner’s father, all the records of that owner will be shown below. And if you search with khatian or dag number, only the khatian of that dag can be seen.

Eporcha gov bd khatian application

How to get certified copy of land from home

You are very busy. It is not possible to go to the office and bring the land ledger. No problem. Now if you apply on the e-leaflet website, the land ledger will reach your address by post. When you apply, you will get the option of getting the ledger by post. Not only that, if your ledger is urgently needed, you can also get the emergency services from this web portal. For this you have to tick the emergency option while applying.

BD Land service hotline number

Bangladesh has been digitalized. At present, everything in Bangladesh is within reach as a result of digitization. The Ministry of Land is no exception. The Ministry of Lands of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has launched their hotline numbers keeping in mind that the land office is more harassing than the general public. You can easily get all the land related information by calling the hotline number 16122 for any land related information. There are many things you may need to know about land. You may not get accurate information from the village civil or matbar. So our advice is to call the land service hotline for any issue or land related problem. The hot line number of the land service is – 16122

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