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Gargi is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language legal drama/film.

Written by Hariharan Raju and Gautham Ramachandran, produced by Blackie, Jenny and My Left Foot Productions directed by Gautham Ramachandran and starring Sai Pallavi in ​​the lead role.

A teenage girl who is a school teacher gets involved in a high profile case where her father gets involved in a high profile case where she initially gets a good lawyer easily but later the good lawyer withdraws from the case.

Then the search for a new lawyer began. This young woman does whatever it takes to prove her father innocent.

Gargi movie cast

While watching this entire movie, I believe that I did not think for a moment that there is no hero in this movie. How do you know the movie?

Gargi movie 2022 review

Or if there is no action, no thrill, no comedy in this movie, why should I watch this movie?

Such a question did not arise even for a moment.

The entire movie never felt boring even for a moment.

Gargi movie plot story

A movie always defends the most on story casting and direction these three things are main for a movie.

These three were great in the movie Gargi.

Gargi movie performance 2022

Sai Pallavi’s acting performance, dialogue delivery expression was just amazing while watching this movie, I felt that Sai Pallavi is probably the best of one option for this role

Although Ba Sai Pallavi plays any character perfectly with his best.

Now many may say,  Cinematography, BGM, VFX, editing, etc. everything must be good because if the BGM is not good in a movie, if the cinematography is not good, no matter how good the movie is, the feeling of attraction while watching the movie does not work.

Gargi movie 2022

From that point of view, personally to me. Cinematography, BGM, VFX, Editing, whatever you say or say everything seems perfect to me in this movie.

Finally Gargi is a must watch movie.

Gargi 2022 movie download

Gargi is one the trending movie of now. On August 12, gargi is released on OTT Platform: SonyLIV. You can watch and download gargi full movie on SonyLive, if you are a subscriber of SonyLive.


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