split screen on chromebook with & without keys

How to split screen on Chromebook with & without keys

How to split screen on Chromebook with & without keys: nowadays, due to the covid-19 pandemic, our lives and world have greatly shifted from traditional to digital systems. we are doing a lot of works on our favorite device. However, due to the quantity of this use, we need to frequently split-screen on chrome book due to multi-tasking. Many people find easily them in a fix to do it. No worries.  This post will discuss all you need to know and what to know to split screen on Chromebook. so, let’s start.

How to split-screen for multitasking

To split-screen for all general devices, you can follow the below steps.

  • On one of the windows you want to see, click and hold Maximize icon.
  • Drag to the left or right arrow  key
  • Repeat it for a second window.

split screen using keys

To do a split-screen with keys, Simply

  • press the “alt”  key and the forward and backward brackets at the same time.


how to split screen on Chromebook desktop

A -splitscreen on a desktop is the most effective to do multi-tasking. like other devices, you can split-screen horizontally, vertically. you can split the screen into 2 windows, 3 windows, and 4 windows on your desktop. There are tons of ways to adjust your apps or windows side-by-side. We’ll begin with my most-used strategy: dragging the top bar. If you utilize your mouse cursor, drag the window you need to adjust to either side of the screen, and discharge it, you’ll have a culmination of  50% window on that side of the screen. Rehash the same for the other window on the other side and you’re great to go.

Split-screen in mobile phone effectively

yes, you can split your screen in multiple windows in your mobile phone. this will help you to use two different apps and software on a screen simultaneously. To do it,

  • click on the Recent/ History button on the Navigation bar of our mobile
  • then tap and hold and drag up or bottom to split the screen. That’s it.


if you face any problem doing it, simply go to comment box of this post, we will try to reply to solve your problem. Thank you.


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