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A production is worthwhile only when it can hold its audience throughout. This prison series is just as worthwhile.

Karagar Bangla New webseries

This series of 7 episodes in total will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish. And the last minute twist will wait for the next season.

কারাগার ওয়েব সিরিজ এপিসোড

There is a lack of synchronization between the story and the screenplay in most of the works that are usually done in our country.

Hoichoi karagar series

This will get the prison letter mark. What a beautiful making, what a beautiful presentation. Camera work, background score was very engaging.

কারাগার ওয়েব সিরিজ ডাউনলোড

After Takdeer, director Shawki took a bit more time to produce his next series. Basically he took the time in the story.

Chanchal Chowdhury karagar 2022

He used the time properly. His direction was excellent. A very dedicated builder this guy, talented as well.


কারাগার হইচই পার্ট এপিসোড লিস্ট episode list
1 রেজারেকশন
আকাশনগর জেলে নিয়ম মাফিক মাথা গণনার সময় গত…
2 ব্ল্যাক শিপ
শত চেষ্টা করেও আগন্তুকের নাম-পরিচয় কিংবা তার এই…
3 লাইফ অ্যান্ড ডেথ
আগন্তুকের সাথে কথা বলার জন্য গোপনে নিয়ে আসা…
4 হিস্ট্রি অ্যান্ড মিস্ট্রি
কয়েদিরা আগন্তুককে ‘গাজী পীর’ বলে সম্বোধন করতে শুরু…
5 লাইট অ্যান্ড শ্যাডো
গাজী বাবাকে জিজ্ঞাসাবাদ করায় তার মুরিদেরা ক্ষেপে যায়।…
6 স্পিরিট অ্যান্ড ঘোস্টস
জেলার মোস্তাক আহমেদ ও গাজী বাবা মুখোমুখি। জেলার…
7 লস্ট শিপ
গাজী বাবার কুদরতে ধরা পড়া কয়েদি পাগলা রাজু…

He was fine in acting. The casting was perfect. Special Intekhab Dinar, Afzal Ahmed RFS Naim. Excellent performance by all.  Last but not the list, Chanchal Chowdhury.

The way this guy is constantly breaking himself. What have you done this year? Sin, air and now prison.

কারাগার ওয়েব সিরিজ ১ম পর্ব

He has no dialogue throughout the series. Has acted in Shuru Expression. What a beautiful performance. Full eye peace!

I will tell everyone, please go and watch the prison. Don’t miss it. I was waiting for the second season. Final Verdict:

  •   The best work of Bangladesh so far?
  •  -May be yes!

Karagar web series 2022 plot story

Wait wait wait! Finally, the wait is over. We watched the web series “Prison” (Part 1) of mystery thriller genre recently released on Haichai platform. Yes its first part has been released.

I heard that the next part is coming in the next month itself, September.

কারাগার ওয়েব সিরিজ Hoichoi

So far I have discussed the masterpiece movie series of the mystery thriller genre of different industries.

Today the time has come to discuss one of the masterpieces of my country.

What have I seen throughout the whole time! In a word, amazing. This is the best mystery thriller genre web series I have seen in my country so far.

কারাগার performance

The great screenplay of the series impressed me. You won’t have time to blink every moment. Each episode of only 25-30 minutes will be over in the blink of an eye.

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karagar web series episode list

And you will not understand how 3 hours and 7 minutes will pass by doing this. Chanchal Chowdhury was the main attraction of the series. I am very proud to say that there is a Chanchal Chowdhury in my country.

Who alone can keep our industry ahead with his acting. Also saw many favorite faces in the movie and all performed brilliantly.

Hoichoi Karagar BGM 2022

The prison scenes shown in the series are beautifully portrayed The day-to-day work of the inmates, how they spend their days, is highlighted.

How do you talk to each other? Each character in the series has its own story. And you will understand what the story is.

কারাগার ফুল সিরিজ লিংক

The atmosphere in the mother shadow prison shown in the series was freezing my body.

Well, imagine a cell which has been closed for 50 years, suddenly an unknown prisoner arrives there one night.

Karagar web series writer name


How did he come here! How can a person enter a cell whose lock is rusted and has to be cut to gain entry? The more surprising thing is that it is known that he has been alive for more than 200 years.

How is this possible! The man cannot speak. You have to talk to him by pointing.


Karagar Web Series Cast:
Chanchal Chowdhury
Tasnia Farin
Afzal Hossain
Intekhab Dinar
FS Nayeem

An inmate was seen strangely one night in cell number 145 in Matrchaya prison. From there the search begins. Where did he come from, how did he come and many more things.

But while investigating, all the strange things came out. Which is unbelievable. The funny thing is that cell has been closed for 50 years.

Because the prisoner who was kept there used to commit suicide in that cell by putting a noose around his neck. So that cell has been closed for 50 years.

Karagar we series download 720p 1080p link

I have said many things. I will say nothing more. You can see the rest in the series But I don’t remember seeing such a beautiful country before. This mustwatch is for everyone.

So don’t waste any more time and check it out. I am ending here as of today. If there is any error anywhere please correct it.

This awesome we series is released on Hoichoi. You can watch it and download karagar web series on Hoichoi.

কারাগার হইচই সিরিজ এপিসোড

An incident has happened in Akashnagar jail, the district informed that all syndicates should be stopped now. In the meantime, while counting the prisoners, it was found that the total number of prisoners was 326.

Everyone’s claim is 325, so how did the additional inmates come to room number 145? Oh yes, room number 145 has been sealed for the past 50 years.

Why stop? Because whoever was kept in that cell used to commit suicide. What will the district do now! That syndicate or what! The story of “Prison” begins on such a plot.

The first 3 out of 7 episodes ran very slow, it needed it. I think the director was preparing for a big leap here.

All the characters are well established here. I believe that the next episodes will give you enough thrill.

Let’s go with a small spoiler, the characters will change in the middle of the story.

Talking about the story, the story has been brilliantly conceived, now it has to be carried on for 2 years.


When discussing acting, I want to discuss Chanchal Chowdhury on the side, I don’t have the ability to analyze him, what a great! Intekhab Dinar shared the screen with him. As always he is awesome.

Besides Tasmia Farin, Naeem, Afzal and everyone else gave their best from the side. I think Chanchal Chowdhury and Tasnia Farin are going to crack up in Season 2.


I personally liked the screenplay. Cinematography, sound mixing, backgrounds are fine, but set design could have been done better.

It has been claimed that there are 326 prisoners, but no such commotion was seen on the screen, very few prisoners were seen.


I like it very much. Definitely recommended. Waiting for season 2..


“Karagar” is going to be a milestone in the world of Bangladeshi web series This “karagar” is undoubtedly one of the best works I have ever seen.

কারাগার ওয়েব সিরিজ লেখক

It is impossible to understand how perfectly the series is made without seeing it. The plot goes something like this – “An inmate is found in cell number 145 of a prison which has been closed for the past 50 years.

কারাগার ওয়েব সিরিজ রাইটার

The inmate claims he has been imprisoned for 250 years and is the murderer of Mirzafar.” The story of this very interesting plot thickens the mystery from the very beginning.

A few more subplots are connected with the plot At first the screenplay was slow but not boring at all. Rather, I think this slowness was necessary for the story Overall great .

The series’ cinematography, storytelling, suspenseful locations and BGM and especially everyone’s natural acting were enough to make the series top notch.

Last episode’s cliff-hanger extends the wait for the 2nd episode of “Prison”. Hopefully, this mystery thriller will maintain its awesomeness in the 2nd season as well If you have about 3 hours of time, you can check out “karagar web series” on Hochihi app. Definitely worth watching!


After ‘Taqdeer’, Syed Ahmed Shawki and Chanchal Chowdhury duo again came in front of the audience with ‘Karagar’.

In the series, he played the role of an inmate with restless, brooding dark red eyes, a skeletal body, old-time prisoner clothes made of rattan, short cropped hair and a different look.


Afzal Hossain played the role of executionerC. hanchal Chowdhury said, ‘Everything has to be perfect to portray such a character.

I want to take this challenge. Losing weight, spending hours on make-up, putting in incredible effort to get the costume right.’


Syed Ahmed Shawkir said, ‘The prison is the most ambitious work we have done till date. About a year and a half ago, the idea for this story came to us.

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Prison is the biggest screenplay we’ve ever written. It has mystery, history and drama. I got all the powerhouse artists on my set. ‘

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Along with Chanchal Chowdhury and Afzal, Intekhab Dinar, Bijri Barkatullah, Tasnia Farin, FS Naeem, Shatabdi Wadud, Jayant Chattopadhyay, AK Azad Setu and many others acted in the prison series.

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