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Well, what if Netflix made Toy Story?

  • Series: Lost Ollie(2022)
  •  Network: Netflix
  • Genre: Animation
  •  Season :1
  • Episode:4
  • RT:91%
  • IMDb:7.9


Lost Ollie(2022) Plot

After regaining consciousness, a Bunny Doll finds herself inside an old shop box. All he remembers is that his name is Ollie, and that he was his owner’s dearest and only friend.

He doesn’t remember anything else. Immediately he went out to find his owner.

Lost Ollie series Review

Of course, this is not Pixar level. But an animation story full of emotion from the beginning is rare outside of Pixar. Enjoyed till the end. A childish adventure but there are also some dark moments.

The twists at the end were unexpected. Don’t be surprised if your eyes become blurry even in late adulthood.

Lost Ollie download

The mix of live action with animation was great. Said to be the work of George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic Company. Besides, the director himself won an Oscar earlier for Into the Spider-Verse.

Only 4 episodes, 40 minutes each. You don’t know when it will end. Must watch. If you want, you can watch it with e-family.

You can download lost Ollie and watch online this series on Netflix.

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