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One of my favorite characters are horror characters. I like so many horror movies and I have seen so many horror movies in my life.

But how these two movies were missed. Actually, I don’t really like the reviews of the movies.

But suddenly I saw very positive reviews of both movies in the group. So without delay I watched two movies in one sitting. Now it’s time to share the review.

I know there are a lot of horror movie loving sisters and brothers in the group. I hope you watch both the movies and like the movies.

There are no scenes of extreme horror in movies. I mean those of us who watch horror movies regularly know how much horror movies have. But these movies don’t have many.

There are but few. But the movie’s camera work and background music were enough to chill the blood. Also the location + everyone’s acting was amazing. Especially the village tie shown in the movie Makmum 2 was the life of the movie.

This village was just like the location in a perfect horror movie.

Makmum movie   story

A school is shown at the beginning of the movie. School is over. But Nurul, Nisa and Putri’s three girlfriends are not.

Because they did not get good marks in the exam. So they stay in their school hostel. Their mam is very strict. So when one of these three girlfriends gets up to pray Tahajjud at night, she realizes that she is not alone.

Someone else is praying with him. But who is he! On the other hand, the daughter is under the influence of Jinn. Putri takes a terrible form. But their mam doesn’t care much about it.

Meanwhile, Rini, a former student of the school, arrives. She joined the school as a teacher. Rini can understand that. But how to get rid of this danger! Watch the movie to know.

After watching part 1, the interest to watch part 2 increased hundredfold. So I took a look immediately without delay. This part shows a village.

The village has no touch of modernity. No electricity, no good roads A mosque is being built, but that too has problems. There is a forbidden forest in the middle of that village.

It is forbidden because whoever goes to this forest will suffer some kind of harm. This is the idea of ​​the villagers. So one day a woman named Yanti suddenly died in that village.

So Rini and her son came there after getting the news to see him. Rini’s husband passed away three years ago.

So when Rini sits in Namje, she realizes that there is someone behind her. What is happening! If you want to know, watch two quick movies.

Makmum movie review 2019 2021

late night The whole world is asleep. You woke up – to pray Tahajjud. While standing in prayer you feel like someone is standing behind you. You turned back. no one He made up his mind by saying Allahuakbar.

That’s when a word came from behind you in a cold voice – Allahuakbar. you are scared But he did not leave the prayer. In complete namaz you feel the presence of someone praying behind you.
After the prayer, he returned the salam and looked back. No one – so who was praying so long?

Jinn – Makmum Jinn. They roam around late at night and participate in prayer with the children of Adam.


Makmum movie download

Once again I got proof that horror movies are not for me at all. He suddenly wanted to watch a horror movie and saw this movie in the group, so he watched it.

After watching, he is fine and history is done for me. Anyway, now I feel at peace watching the second part of this. Then it’s goodbye to horror fans.

God sent humans and jinn together on earth. Just as there is evil in humans, there is also in jinn. Makmoom is one of those evil jinns.

This jinn distracts people from behind during Tahajjud. The story revolves around this Makmoom. And it is seen in the first sequence itself.

I mean the very first sequence gave me goosebumps. which ultimately existed.

Makmum 1 download

I have seen many Indonesian movies before. Romantic and teenage love stories. Everyone’s acting was great in all those movies. I like the acting of everyone in this movie.

Everyone acted like a natural. The location suits the story very well. BGM is the staple of horror movies and that BGM was terrible.

Makmum movie main cast


Makmum movie main Cast
Titi Kamal
Ali Syakieb
Tissa Biani
Bianca Hello
Adila Fitri
Jajang C. Noer
Arief Didu
Misha Jeter

To be honest, I saw it without sound in some places. Makmum horror movie series is streamed on Disney hostar. You can download and watch makmum movie if you have subscription on Disney hostar platform.


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