Mithai Today’s full episode TV serial 2022

Mithai Today’s full episode

Mithai (transl. Sweet) could be a 2021 Indian Bengali Sentimental Comedy Dramatization tv arrangement that debuted on 4 January 2021 on Zee Bangla. The appear is additionally accessible on the computerized stage ZEE5 some time recently its telecast. The appearance is delivered by Zee Bangla. Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai Modak and Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak. 

Mithai Today’s full episode  may be a cheerful saleslady who offers desserts. She voyages to the Modak family to offer desserts and over time, makes bonds with them like a family part. Afterward Mithai runs absent from her wedding to an unworthy chap and subsequently Dadu chooses to urge Mithai hitched to Siddhartha who refuses to wed Mithai since he doesn’t accept in marriage due to his guardians always fighting amid his childhood. At that point Dadu chooses to urge Mithai hitched to Some who backs out on the wedding day. So Sid needs to wed Mithai to spare Dadu’s respect, but Mithai’s conjugal life is irritated by Sid’s impassion and Torsha’s interference.

Scene of mithai natok

The story moreover appears as a part of characters shown in Monohora with their individual adored life. Counting Rajib(son-in-law, Nanda’s spouse and Ratul and Dhara’s senior brother);Sreenanda (Siddhartha’s senior cousin sister, Rajib’s spouse); Sreetama (Siddhartha’s more youthful sister, coincidental spouse of Ratul) Sreenipa(would be daughter-in-law of Mitra family but gets fizzled to appear up on wedding day; Ratul(son-in-law,Sreetoma’s spouse, Rajib’s more youthful brother, Dhara’s senior brother);in this way Sreetama took the duty to spare the respect of Modak family); Rudra(close companion of Siddhartha and cherish intrigued of his friend’s sister Neepa); Sandip (Nipa’s senior brother, Siddhartha’s more youthful cousin brother), Dhara (sister of Rajib and Ratul, Neepa feels envious of her as she and Rudro are exceptionally near companions). Sid acknowledges Mithai as his spouse and to demand vindication from Mithai Torsha weds Som(Siddharth’s senior receptive brother) and enters Modak house.


Pundits Edit 

The Times of India cited the arrangement that “Mithai will tell you a sweet adore story”.

 Viewership Edit 

Mithai was the foremost observed tv arrangement in Bengal. Starting with an normal viewership, after few weeks, the arrangement before long got to be the beat appraised Bengali tv program earning a record viewership, keeping up the primary position reliably within the BARC’s week by week viewership charts.

As of week 3 of 2022, Mithai has been holding the best position on West Bengal Tv TRP charts since the final 42 weeks beginning week 13 of 2021.Mithai’s extraordinary scene “Mithai Boishakh Halkhata ” circulated on 15 April 2021 checking the 100th episode. This extraordinary scene effectively gotten 5.94 million impressions and possessed the primary position of the TRP rating in Week 15 of 2021.

Primary Edit Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai Modak (née Das) aka Mithai – a sweet vender, Sudip and Parbati’s as it were girl,Siddharth’s wife Adrit Roy as Siddharth Modak aka Sid – Samaresh and Arati’s child, a fruitful designer in a corporate company (PCG),Sreetama’s senior brother, Mithai’s husband Recurring Edit Biswajit Chakraborty as Siddheshwar Modak (Dadu) – Siddhartha’s granddad; Aroti, Sulata and Brotin’s father-in-law, Samu, Amu and Apa’s father; a driving sweet creating company Swagata Basu as Sushoma Modak (née Ghosh) – Siddhartha’s grandma; head of Modak family and proprietor of Siddheshwar Modak gather,Samu, Amu and Apa’s mother; Aroti, Sulata and Brotin’s mother-in-law, authority of the Modak family.

Mithai Today’s full episode characteristics

Kaushik Chakraborty as Samaresh Modak aka Samu – Aroti’s spouse; Siddhartha and Sreetama father,Tridib’s near companion, Nanda’s maternal uncle, Sandy and Nipa’s fatherly uncle, Ratul and Mithai’s father-in-law, Joyeeta’s previous boyfriend, Amu and Apa’s senior brother. mon fagun today,mon phagun aaj ka,mon phagun promo,mon phagun,mon fagun,mon phaguni,mon phagun modern promo,mon phagun bangla,mon fagun nowadays episode,mon phagun ajker pawrbo,mon fagun nowadays full episode,mon phagun today’s episode,mon phagun nowadays full,mon fagun ajker,mon fagun promo,mon fagun all characters,,mon fagun bangla,mon phagun rishi and pihu dance,mon phagun nowadays episode,mon fagun nowadays full, mon phagun serial,mon fagun title song


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