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A really breathtaking film was ‘Nishwash’. As Tasnia Farin, who plays Nurse Nipa, walks through the hospital corridor, there is an image of a father who stands there speechless for his daughter, a husband who stands there anxiously for his pregnant wife, and a frightened lover.

Nishshash Chorki film 2022 story

For his lover. Their condition was so pitiful that it seemed as if Nurse Nipa would give them some good news and they would take a deep breath and happily go to their loved ones. But what if this nurse Nipai does something?

Nishwas Chorki original film review

If we give a little idea about the main story, a few families and few people are fighting for survival in a hospital. Doctors also tried to cure their patients with maximum.

The fight becomes more difficult when some masked extremists plan a devastating attack on the hospital. Amidst the ruins one turns and builds the fortress of resistance alone.

In the end the fight became more and more suffocating. In other words, the audience will be glued to see what happens at the end.

নিঃশ্বাস মুভি ২০২২

The 1 hour 41 minute long film was a bit slow. Maybe it was slow for story coordination. Because of the parallelism in the story we will see some things in the moving scenes and events of the two times.

Let’s look at a huge effort to mislead that we are all too familiar with. Not only we are familiar with it but the whole world is very familiar with it.

And that is extremism. Which we can guess by watching the trailer or many have done.

Chorki nishshas film tasnim Farin

Now if we talk about the acting, Tasnia Farin who played the role of Nipa and Safa Kabir who played the role of Suraiya were excellent.

Farin is outdoing himself day by day which was evident from the ‘karagar‘. However, although Farine’s weakness was visible at some places in the prison, he did not give the scope of the allegations against him in ‘Nishaswash’ which is a good thing.

Syed Zaman Shaon played the role of villain. He was pretty good. Getup also fits great. This might be Shaun’s second work with Raihan Rafi if I’m not mistaken.

Last year, he acted in Rafi’s directorial Close Up Asha Kaha ‘Or Prem Kaha’. Besides Rashed Mamun Apu, Imtiaz Barshan, Dilara Zaman, Ashok Bepari, Farzana were good according to their characters. Especially Farzana picture will surprise everyone.

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All in all it was a realistic content. Raihan Rafi’s work always has the impression of reality. If we talk about his last released movie ‘Paraan’ it was also made in the shadow of true events. You can watch online download nishwas ( নিঃশ্বাস) only on Chorki platform.

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