Padma bridge short paragraph 150 350 words SSC HSC

Padma bridge short paragraph  Essay for SSC HSC 2022

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge is the longest in Bangladesh.  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the country’s largest infrastructure. The bridge was constructed with concrete and steel and with the love of the people of Bangladesh. This dream Padma Bridge is the biggest project implemented by Bangladesh without any foreign aid. the Padma bridge paragraph and essay are very important in SSC hsc admission and any written job exam.

Padma Bridge paragraph

Padma Bridge is a.key arrangement to the broader advancement of the southern region of Bangladesh and is a multipurpose road rail across the Padma river. It is going to connect Louhajong to Shariatpurand Madaripur as well as the southwest pant to the northern and: southern region of the country. It is a 6.15 km long bridge and a single-lane railway.

The bridge will have 42 spans in total with each being 150 meters and it will be able to carry 3140 tons of weight. Moreover, the Padma bridge could have about 264piles ‘m total where each pile could be 150 meters long and 120 meters of the 150 meters from each pile could be undercoated. A nice golden page ‘history has been started as soon as the Padma Bridge started.

The whole project is funded with the resources of the government of the Bangladeshi bridge. will open new indoors for the communication of the nation, Also, it could bring a progressive. change within the life and living of almost six crore individuals Living in LG southern districts.

The importance of Padma bridge

Bangladesh will see development in the regional corporation, industrial sector, agricultural sector, and many other sectors The construction. of the Padma bridge will create a huge impact on employment reduction The development in communication across the country will help many people to travel easily as corellas the transportation. It also decrease, creating a benefit. to the general public People could be more eager to travel and work in different regions. Moreover, this bridge can also helps in expanding industrialization, various commercial work.

as well as transportation-All these will be of great help in reducing the unemployment rate and poverty as well as different governmental expenses:

However, the most significant improvement that will take place due to the Padma the development of the southern region of Bangladesh. Like many opportunities, facilities can come with easy communication and transportation which can play a major role in the overall development processes.

The Padma Bridge is the largest: bridge in Bangladesh: This, bridge has had a great impact on the development of Bangladesh, The bridge can increase 1.27% in the total GDP.. It will   increase in the gross production from the southern region . The Padma bridge  play an important role not only in the country but also in the regional connectivity of Southeast Asia.

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