Redrum full movie chorki link 2022 review

Popular musician Sohail was found dead in his house. His wife Sapphire was sleeping in the same room. Sohail’s old friend Rashed became the investigating officer in the case. But not finding the truth, Rashed looks back to the past. One mystery after another began to unfold. It is known that a lie is nothing but a misrepresentation of the truth. To know how Sohail was killed, see Redram only in Charki.

Redrum movie main  cast

  • Afran Nisho.
  • Mehazabien Chowdhury.
  • Manoj Kumar Pramanik.
  • Nasir Uddin Khan.
  • Sallha Khanam Nadia.

Redrum movie trailer

Redrum movie review 2022

I am saying at the beginning that it is very difficult to catch the kind of twist in this film without watching the film till the end. A terribly impeccable film. Strong story. On screen Nisho, Mehzabin, Nadia, Manoj, Nasir Uddin Khan. Everyone had a very strong roll. They have shown who the cast is. Great performance everyone.

Mehzabin’s performance as Sapphire was captivating. With Rashed, Sohail and Lubna and impeccable. The thoughts that go through your mind about the film every second, as the events unfold, are the exact opposite of your thoughts. The story will continue for a whole two and a half hours centering on a murder. There will be a feeling of thrill throughout the duration.

I’m not saying anything about the story. Vicky Jahed has always been a place of trust You can close your eyes and trust him for any thriller. Now let’s make it. Great Cinematography, Score, Frame, Place Selection, BGM, Makeup, Costume. Everything looks perfect. Thriller in everything. The most interesting aspect of Vicky Jahed’s content is its dialogue. Even if you don’t remember the film at the end of the day, don’t forget its dialogues. His creativity is also great in look selection.

The rest worked more or less on web films, but this was the first time for Mehzabin As such, his performance has caught the eye. All in all, the film is a film of the perfect thriller genre. For those who like thriller genres, I highly recommend it. If you watch the whole movie, you will think that it is like watching a movie by subscribing with money.

Just as love can be sweeter than human thought, it can be more poisonous than consciousness. Even though the sentence seems very simple, this is a line. The essence of this story. The whole story is about the mystery of a murder. One of the four sons of Haradhan is a victim and the other is a murderer. I couldn’t understand when 2 hours have passed after watching this amazing thriller.

Storytelling, acting, directing were all perfect. I was very optimistic about this web series because it is Mehjabin Chowdhury’s first web series. It doesn’t look like it’s his first job, it looks like he’s been doing web films for a long time. Her performance was truly impeccable. Afran Nishor’s performance was as impeccable as ever. Manoj Pramanik and Salha Khanam Nadia’s performances were also good. There is no need to talk about Vicky Zahid’s management.

Redrum 2022 movie chorki link

Those who have not seen it yet can enjoy the film from the wheel. Happy watching. You can find it popular OTT platform chorki.


Redrum Bangla movie 2022 story plot

First of all, let me say “REDRUM” in a separate plot, a crop of well-researched scripts. Every dialogue was remarkable in one word. Musician Sohail, a one-time friend of CID officer Rashed, known as ‘Human Lie Detector’, was murdered in his own home. Sohail was sleeping in the room with his child-bearing wife “Neela” and the outside was locked. So who committed the murder?

Redrum full  web series 2022 chorki

Sohail’s friend CID officer Rashed took responsibility for that search, who can kill? With all these, a web of various mysteries is made, one twist after another, not to mention the twist, the thrilling scenes were also fascinating. One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes those who leave are released because only living people have to be held captive in the prison of time! Also, the cinematography of the web film, the background music was great.

Many thanks from me to the entire team at RedRam for giving us such a beautiful gift. I will say one thing at the end, if you watch the web film, a lot of things will revolve in your head, it is sure.



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