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Bkash is a Bangladeshi ‘mobile wallet’ that lets its users send and receive money as well as pay for bills. The Bkash system uses a six-digit pin code which is used to lock the mobile device. The main purpose of this security feature is to prevent someone else from using your account without your consent, but sometimes it can be problematic for the user. If you have forgotten your pin or are tired of entering your long pins each time you want to use Bkash, you can reset the pin by following these simple steps:-

  • Go to any phone store near you. There are many stores in Dhaka city alone where they do phone repairs and it will cost around 300 tk . It should take them less than 5 minutes to reset your pin
  • Then go back to Bkash and update your new pin within 24 hours after entering the new 6 digit pin. Do not enter incorrect pins more than 3 times because it might lead to blocking of your account .
  • To find out if all of your information is intact with Bkash, simply contact their customer service center through Akash’s website or send a simple blank message saying ‘HELP’

But, here I am going to show you how to reset your Bkash pin if you forgot it or lost it. first make sure the phone number that’s with your bkash account is still with that number, if not then go activate a new sim for yourself on bkash website. Now there are two ways to do this, first one is by sending the word ‘reset’ via SMS which costs taka 1, second is by dialing *123*2*1# which doesn’t cost any money but takes more time than just sending an SMS. After doing either of these two things successfully you will receive an SMS saying “you’ve successfully reset your bkash pin for sim #”. That it! You can now log in to your Bkash account and change your pin.

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