Six web series download 2022 সিক্স 6 480p 720p

  • Web Series: Six
  •  Language: Bengali
  •  Genre: Crime/Thriller
  •  OTT platform: Eros Now Bangladesh.
  •  Director:- Tanim Parvez
  •  Music Director:- Raif Al Hasan Rafa


Six Bangla web series season 1 2022 cast

  • Tariq Anam Khan
  • Iftakher Ahmed Fahmi
  •  Sadia Islam Mou
  • Yash Rohan
  •  Sohail Mondal
  •  Suman Anwar
  • Dilruba Doel
  • Manosh Bandyopadhyay
  •  Aarosh Khan.

Tanim Parvez’s web series “Six” is going to be released at the beginning of Eros Now Bangladesh journey. The series is scheduled to release on September 2. This 6 episode series is produced by LBC Media for ‘Eros Now Bangladesh’.

LBC Media is working as the distribution partner of two Indian streaming platforms ‘Eros Now’ and ‘Adda Times’. The main aim of LBC is to present the content of Bangladesh at the international level. The web series ‘Six’ has been made in its continuation.

Six Bangla web series trailer 2022

On August 22, the teaser of Tanim Parvez’s web series ‘Six’ was released. And with this teaser, the Indian streaming platform ‘Eros Now’ started their journey in Bangladesh.

‘Eros Now Bangladesh’ launched their first content ‘Six’ from their Bangladeshi verified page. In continuation of this, the official trailer of the web series ‘Six’ of 2 minutes and 5 seconds was released on 26 August.

Six web series Eros now Bangladesh

Famous Bollywood production company ‘Eros Now’. For the first time, he worked with Bangladesh and Bangladeshi content through the web series ‘Six’.

On the one hand, the great tide of OTT entertainment, on the other hand, the news of the appreciation of Bangladeshi web content in the whole of India beyond Bangladesh.

As a result, the time has been set very well by the ‘Eros Now’ authorities.

The story, the acting or the thrilling situation, which is more fascinating in “Six” series, so now to watch now, wait for September 02.

সিক্স বাংলা ওয়েব সিরিজ ২০২২

Popular actress Sadia Islam Mou is acting in a web series called ‘Six’ for the first time. I got this news from the media in March last year It’s the first web series of a favorite artist, so anticipation has been building ever since.

After watching the teaser and trailer of the crime thriller genre, ‘Six’, my expectations intensified. In a scene in the trailer, ‘What’s your purpose?’ Mau’s cryptic answer to such a question is ‘time will tell’.

Six webseries review 2022

That time may be the release date of the six-episode ‘Six’ web series (September 02).

Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s well-known director and actor Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi announced his appearance as the antagonist for the first time through this web series. A glimpse of which was also found in the trailer.

সিক্স ওয়েব সিরিজ লিংক

I was returning home from Badda. Between Narda and Yamuna, a huge billboard is visible.

The billboard was decorated with posters of Bangladeshi content ‘Six’ on the OTT platform of India’s famous production company ‘Eros Now’.

ডাউনলোড সিক্স ওয়েব সিরিজ

The billboard has been seen for a long time, but not much was known about it. I thought, like Netflix, Amazon working in Bangladesh, it might be a fake! That idea was broken a few days ago.

When the trailer of this series was actually released. It is informed that this series is going to be released on 2nd September.

Six webseries Bangla cast 2022

Directed by Tanim Parvez, this web series also stars Tariq Anam Khan, Aparna Ghosh, Suman Anwar, all the popular actors of today.

Sohail Mondal’s different appearance in the trailer also thrilled me. Overall, I like the choice of actors in the ‘Six’ series and the glimpses presented in the trailer.

Six 2022 Bangla  web series story plot

I like the artist selection and the sneak peeks in the trailer. The trailer of the crime thriller genre ‘Six’ web series first shows the child in the lap of a worried mother.

সিক্স বাংলা ওয়েব সিরিজ ২০২২

In the next scene, the police clash, the flames are visible. A little later, the corpses in the yard again, the cries of relatives, and Mou’s body walking. I liked the scene of Fahmi smoking on the chair as the antagonist.

The 02 minute 04 second long trailer also shows that someone has been hanged but again a little later the hanged person is found in the middle of the incident.

The answers to these mysteries and questions of the trailer may be found in the entire series on September 2.

সিক্স ওয়েব সিরিজ release date

Hope the first content ‘Six’ of ‘Eros Now’ will be good. I am waiting to see what mystery this web series “Six” is released on September 2.

Six Bangla web series 2022 download

Six Bangla web series is released on 02 September 2022 on Eros now Bangladesh. You can watch online and download six Bangla web series 2022 on Eros now Bangladesh platform . Don’t miss to watch this awesome Bangla movie webseries.

Recently, Bangladeshi content is widely appreciated among other language speakers including west Bengali.

It’s spreading pretty fast. It was at this time that Eros Now chose to open the innings with their first Bangladeshi content.

Let’s see how long their innings are? If you can judge the content properly, it can be expected to last well.

Time will tell the rest. And hope that. Disney+Hotstar also work on Bangla content.

সিক্স ওয়েব সিরিজ ডাউনলোড ২০২২ লিংক , six web series download watch link Google free drive link ftp server ott platform how to watch six web series 2022 .

I don’t think I have seen any film or drama on human cloning before in Bangladesh Completely new concept from the perspective of Bangladesh Many people may think that this series is a mess.

The world’s first human clone is ‘Eve’, scientists have worked on human cloning, but it is still being done secretly because it is prohibited for many reasons.

In Bangladesh, doing a series on such a concept is like getting bah bah.

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