Ssc 2022 english 1st paper question solution [উত্তরসহ]

Ssc 2022 english 1st paper question solution

ssc english 1st paper board question 2022 pdf  download

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Ssc 2022 english 1st paper question solution
Ssc 2022 english 1st paper question answer



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SSC English 2nd paper Suggestion Answer


SSC English 1st Paper Question 2022

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SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2022

Suppose that Sayeem/Samia is you. You recently took a train to Chittagong with your parents. You want to tell your friend Abrar/Anika about this unique experience. Write a letter to your friend now and describe your experience traveling by train. Let’s say you are Anik or Anika. Rashed/Rasheda, your younger sibling, does not wake up early and stays up late. As a result, he or she frequently arrives at school late and is tired. Now, pen a conversation between you and your sibling(s) about the value of waking up early.


SSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2022

This section talks about the SSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2022 . A required subject for the SSC Exam is English 1st paper . It is a challenging topic. For the vast majority of pupils, it is an extremely challenging topic. They find it too tough to study in the capital’s outlying areas. They find it challenging because that is how they perceive it to be. They are afraid of facing it. They start to feel anxious when taking the English Exam.


SSC 2022 English 1st paper suggestion


SSC 2022 english 1st Paper question out Writing Part


70% of your responses in this section are required. Essays from SSC 2022 english 1st Paper question out frequently receive excellent grades. There may be a need for a summary and description. If you want to score well on the SSC 2022 english 1st  Paper Question Solution, you must perform well in the SSC 2022 english 1st Paper question out  section. Students almost universally prefer developing original solutions.

For this, more data collection is required. Your only informational resource will be textbooks. Reading the books is advised as there may be too much information to write about. If you have enough information, you can refine and broaden your response. I hope the writing portion of the SSC 2022 english 1st Paper question out  set is enjoyable for you.


SSC 2022 English 1st paper suggestion Seen

  1. Facebook is, a directory of photos……… into a


  1. A responsibility is duty
  2. Bangladesh is called……
  3. Mans is social….
  4. The importence of learning English……
  5. Human can neither …..
  6. The internet technology…..
  7. Heritage is what we….
  8. 26 March, our independence…
  9. The pioneer of Bangladesh…..
  10. Zahir Raihan was one …..
  11. Michael Madhusudan Dutt…

13.traditional Childhood..

14.a responsibility is a….


SSC 2022 English 1st paper suggestion Unseen passage

  1. Stephen Hawking is considered……
  2. Charles Babbage was an…….
  3. John Milton was one of the……
  4. Abraham Linkon was born…..
  5. Mother Teresa the servant…..
  6. the first president of the United….
  7. Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir……
  8. Jahadish Chandra bose….
  9. Alexander Fleming was…..
  10. Altaf Mahmud was…
  11. APJ Abdul Kalam……
  12. Jibananondo Das……
  13. The battle of Palassey…..
  14. Albert Einstein was……..


SSC 2022 English 1st paper Writing a paragraph

Write a paragraph on deforestation using the answers to the following questions. You should include a paragraph about deforestation.

10 Deforestation: What is it?

(a) Why does deforestation occur?

(c) How does deforestation affect human beings, animals, the environment, and the climate?

How will the low-lying nations be impacted (d) now that deforestation has been stopped?


ssc english 1st paper model question with answers

Pick the right response from the following options:

  1. A) The tourists have a wonderful time. to travel to the Maldives.


  1. b) Which of the following best sums up the weather in the Maldives?

(1) Pleasurable

  1. c) the Maldives is well acknowledged around the world for its……..

1.lowest island

  1. d) Many areas of the nation were devastated by the tsunami in 2004.


  1. e) The idealized natural beauty of the earth indicates..
  2. a serene environment
  3. F) The Maldives are affected by global warming.
  4. Danger
  5. g) a threat written over his face.


Ssc english 1st paper board question 2022 pdf


Read the passage, after that, respond to questions 1 and 2.

A licensed farmer in Naogaon is Jam. Mr. Islam was an exceptionally smart pupil. He attended Bangladesh Agricultural University in Mymensingh for his higher education. Following his completion of his further education, Mainul returned and began modern farming. Two of his other brothers have degrees in other fields. The Lam family is unique in that everyone resides in their hometown and enjoys success in their own professions.

His younger brother, who graduated from Rajshahi University, teaches science in a nearby school. His youngest sibling is a Social Science graduate who also wants to create a neighborhood NGO to work in this field. Mr. Islam grinned in response to the question, “What makes you decide to stay[adToAppearHere] In this village?” Look, it’s true that my brother or I could leave this village for a life in the city; I could become an officer. But we weren’t drawn to it. We are heirs to this land. Although we do have rations, does schooling merely equip people to be officers? Don’t we owe something to the earth that made us who we are? Additionally, he said that no educated person should be looking for work.

He continued by saying that because his major was in agriculture, he chose to become a farmer after finishing college. He affirmed that they were really happy with their lives when asked if they had any issues with living in a village. He advised working on my own farm, visiting my family, hanging out with my old friends, and sleeping at my house. These all matter a lot. [adToAppearHere]

Islam is correct. Many people, whether deliberately or unknowingly, forget or loosen their roots when they move to cities. They never lost sight of their roots, which makes Mr. Islam and his brothers great. They have served as torch bearers for others to honor their own roots in addition to remaining true to their own traditions.


Ssc examination 2022 mcq question answer

  1. From the options given, select the appropriate response:

(a) Mr. Islam believes it shouldn’t be the only educational slogan. gaining information and being aware of one’s obligations (iii) looking for work (iv) feeling comradely

(a) In a village, Mainul was with his brothers. Mainul and his brothers are living their current lives as they I work (ii), (iii), (iii), (iv) study, (v) live, and (C) live.

One is unsatisfied; two is frustrated; four is irritated; three is satisfied.


Which of Mainul’s traits in the passage best captures him?

He is a graduate I an educated farmer (ii), demonstrates care for his roots (iii), and dislikes conventional jobs I

(e) The younger brother of Mainul received a degree from (ii) Rajshahi University I (ii) Dhaka University, (iii) Agricultural University, and (iv) Rajshahi College (f) What does the phrase “people lose their roots” mean?

Lower branches of trees (ii), rural areas (iv), world heritage sites (iii), birthplace and its surroundings

(g) Mainul began farming in the community.

Traditional I Modern I Conventional (iv), Outdated (iii), etc.



  1. Respond to the following inquiries:
  2. a) Why did Mainul Islam decide to return to his hometown?
  3. b) “Every educated person should not be looking for work.” – Do you concur? Why?

(b) What distinguishes Islam?

(d) Why was Mainul converted into a farm?

  1. e) What makes the three brothers outstanding?





ssc english 1st paper question 2022


  1. Read the following text and, using the information provided, fill in each blank with an appropriate word:

Global warming puts the fish population at danger. Rivers and oceans are becoming warmer due to climate change. This suggests that fish have reduced access to food and air. Again, this implies that it might not develop properly and might have fewer generations.

Fish will go extinct on Earth if temperatures rise even by one or two degrees. Fish populations are under more stress due to climate change, and these fish are considered to be one of the most valuable biological resources. Around the world, 40% of people rely on fish for their protein.

If we don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the strain on fish will rise. People that rely solely on fish will consequently experience hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. The increase in water temperature in rivers, lakes, and seas has (a) made it harder for fish to find food and oxygen, which has (b) made it harder for fish to reproduce. Some fish experience the (c) — if the temperature rise continues at this rate. People who rely heavily on fish as their main source of protein will suffer greatly if this occurs. Emissions of greenhouse gases are one potential remedy for this issue.


matching table for ssc english 1st paper

Read the passage address inquiries regarding Gustave Eiffel and his Tower No. 4 and 5:

Gustave Eiffel, a Frenchman who created the tower, is the name given to it. In 1832, he was born into a wealthy family. He entered the workforce after earning his degree in engineering from Paris’ Central School of Engineering. His mother believed he wouldn’t travel too far.

“Mum, be patient. I have a few concepts. Gustave told his mother, “You’ll see. Gustave created plan after plan for dams, factories, stations, and massive buildings for years. Engineers all around Europe imitated them.A group of French manufacturers convinced the government to plan a World Fair in Paris in the middle of the 1880s. Gustave suggested a 989-foot-tall iron tower as the fair’s emblem. In January 1887, the tower’s construction got under way.

Gustave oversaw the work of forty engineers and designers for two years. Finally finished in March 1889, the tower. It is the tallest iron structure ever created by humans. Such a building had never been built before. One of the seven wonders of the world, it is. 4. Using the data from the aforementioned passage, complete the table below:



ssc english 1st paper question 2022 Summary writing


  1. In your own words, summarize the material above. [adToAppearHere]
  2. Write five complete sentences by matching the sentence fragments in columns A, B, and C:

He started composing plays after that.

  1. b) Plays by him that are well-known include “Mrs. Cardilac,” “Lady Frederick,” and others.

He was born in Paris in 1874 (option c).

(d) This improved his reputation.

He also produced a few other novels.

  1. b) One of the greatest modern short story authors was William Somerset Maugham.
  2. g) Despite being a doctor, he abandoned medicine in favor of writing since he lacked charm.


Dhaka Board SSC english 1st Paper Question answer 2022

Dhaka Education Board‘s SSC 2022 english 1st Paper Question Solution It will be held on February 3, 2022, for the 2022 Exam. The first exam’s paper is in Bengali. There are 100 possible points on this test. There are two types of papers in the exam. One must respond to both retail and MCQ questions.


SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution Rajshahi Board

On February 3, the Rajshahi Education Board’s Bengali First Paper examination will start. Numerous pupils will take the test this year. A test will be given on February 1st of every year.

A special Bengali suggestion is needed for this subject’s preparation in order to be effective. In search of information regarding the Rajshahi Board SSC Bangla Second Paper question for 2022.


Jessore Board  SSC Bangla 2nd Paper Question answer 2022

SSC exams for the Jessore board began last week. This year, thousands of students will take the Secondary School Certificate Examination. Our website’s SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution should have already been downloaded by you.


SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution Mymensingh Board

The SSC Exam for the Mymensingh Education Board has begun. This year’s SSC Bangla 2nd Paper Question and Answer 2022 from Mymensingh Education Board is being taken by about 70 thousand candidates.


 Chattagram Board  SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution

Another education board in Bangladesh is the Chittagong Board, formerly the Chittagong Board. An independent organization called the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chittagong, is primarily in charge of running two public tests. Download your Chittagong Board SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question and Answer from this page.


SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution Barisal Board

An autonomous entity known as the Barisal Board is principally in charge of administering the SSC, recognizing newly founded private educational schools, and overseeing, regulating, and developing those institutions. Institute Additionally, we compile the 2022 SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution for the Barisal Board.

Sylhet Board  SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution

An independent organization called the Board of Secondary and Secondary Education, Sylhet ( is in charge of holding public exams in the four districts of the Sylhet division. In 1999, the board was created. We are here to provide you with the Sylhet Board SSC 2022 Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution. For outstanding results in SSC Exams, follow our Sylhet Board Tips.


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