Theatre Department RU guidelines 2022

Drama department-2021-2022 academic year When is the practical exam of drama department…??

Next 11,12,14,16 (4 days). Do I have to give practical test on all 4 days…?? =No. All of you who have got minimum 40 to maximum marks and have filled drama form will be divided according to roll and practical test will be taken on any 1 day out of 4 days. So all practical test will be conducted on 1 day.

What will I take in the practical exam…??

Admit Card, Registration Card.   What subjects are asked in practical exam.?  If you have skills in dancing, singing, acting, reciting, drama, art, playing musical instruments, the interviewer will ask you to show them. It is necessary to have sufficient knowledge about the drama of Bangladesh.

How do I know where the practical exam seat is?

Message or university website will inform before practical exam. Will give notice about this today. Please check.

The practical test given on the website is from 9 am to 5 pm. I don’t understand what it means..? =You must reach the designated building by 9 am. Everyone will be called according to the roll serially if you don’t appear on time then you will be considered cancelled.

I can only sing/dance/recitation/drama/musical will I get a chance?

Here all those who will take practical exam are not good in all subjects so some one is good in acting but weak in playing music. But if you are better than him in playing music then you also have a chance.

I can play guitar/tabla well can I take these?

If you have personal accessories, you can take them with you. Will MCQs be added in #Drama Arts section…??

Yes will be. MCQ 20% + practical marks will be added and final merit list will be published..

My serial is far away can i get chance?

Yes you can if you do well in practical exam getting chance is not difficult.

I will perform the dance, will I come wearing prescribed clothes? Yes must come wearing prescribed dance attire to show the beauty of the dance. Not mandatory.

What is the number of seats in drama department?


What can be done by studying theatre?

All other cadres except BCS Education Cadre can be the

  • actor
  • University teacher
  • dramatist
  • Music director
  • Stage designer
  • the banker
  • school teacher
  • Print media
  • Bangladesh Television
  • Event management
  • the designer
  • Bangladesh Radio
    Many more sectors. It is not possible to write all of them. Above all, drama department will help you to develop as a self-reliant person.

Which actor/playwright/teacher has passed out from Rajshahi University’s theater department.?

Yes. You must have heard the name Manoj Pramani. He is one of the theater actors in Bangladesh. He is also a teacher and theater director of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University.
Many more talented people have come out of Rabi drama department. After all this, if you tell me what will happen if you study drama… then I will smile and say who told you to study drama…?

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