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Universities in Bangladesh are basically categorized into three differential sorts: public (government claimed and subsidized), private (private segment claimed colleges), and worldwide (worked and supported by worldwide organizations such as the Association of Islamic Participation). Bangladeshi colleges are associated with the College Gifts Commission, a commission made concurring to the Presidential Arrange (P.O. No 10 of 1973) of the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.[1] Most colleges center on common ponders, blending together such regions of pondering as trade, building, and innovation. Twenty-two colleges have a specialized educational program. Two of these are centered on Islamic ponders, four on wellbeing science, six on rural science, six on building, one on material building, one on Veterinary medication, one on Aeronautical science, one on sea science, and one on women’s ponders. There are too many students in our counties and the public universities can not afford all the students to admit. That’s why every year, university admission tests occur. in this post, we will provide nearly all university admission test question solutions of 2021. To find your desired university admission test questions answer, simply check the university and unit name in the heading because in this post we will cover upcoming all major university admission test questions especially MCQ question solutions.

DU 7 college c unit admission test question MCQ solution 2021

Dhaka College is the biggest council of Bangladesh. So, this the primary choice for each Affirmation Student that they need to confess to Dhaka University. But as there aren’t decreasingly sufficient seats. That’s why the DU specialist took an arrangement. Presently the DU has 7 universities. Therefore, Dhaka College chooses the finest 7 sodalities of Dhaka.

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